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Robert Stone is a lens based artist from Bridgeport, CT. He is currently attending the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. His work consists of tableau imagery and documentary engagement of social concern.

Artist Statement

A product of the gap between the X and Millennial generations I often feel as though I have been caught between two worlds, the analog and the digital.  Astounding leaps in technology have brought forth new access and dissemination of the viewable image.  This acceleration in visual communication has allowed us to view deeply the stress and fragility of our vital spark in ways that were impossible for our forbearers.  In my work I explore what lies beneath the frail dermal periphery that is our abridged life.  I investigate weakness and determination when faced with challenge, and the trauma we suffer beneath the surface.  I seek to unfasten the tension in ourselves and in our humanity.

My work is about the exploration of events that tie into our struggling benevolence.  The things that stir me are the injustices I see and the pains that can shift us.  These tides in our lives can alter forever the course we once had.  There is a tensive discord that is our global world, a prosaic yet undeniably disheartening schism that is ever churning as we grow and change. These are our stories.

Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae, commonly referred to simply as the CV, is an artists and academics resumé. It is a comprehensive account of awards, honors, publications, shows, and all other achievements throughout your working lifetime. If you’re any good, the CV grows longer as your work progresses or you end up curating it down to a “selected” list of accomplishments to keep things more concise. As an undergrad, my CV is short, but I hope to grow it with time and experience. Click Here to view my CV